food innovation

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We work with you to design innovative, value-added products reflecting current consumer trends: clean label, delicious, nutritious, functional and tantalizing sensories.

Food Innovation

food Innovation

Speed to market is important. With globalization and rapid changes in the market, innovation is a key driver in helping your company to build a pipeline of right products all-ready for market. 

Global Cuisine will explore the technology, flavor, market gap, food cost, and processes through culinary ideation and innovation to help your company strategically plan for a sustainable and profitable growth.


food synergy

Global Cuisine is passionate about food synergy. We believe that pairing ingredients that work best together is a vital connection of food with health. 


The action of the food matrix is consistently being applied in our product development to provide your company with a competitive advantage to stand out in the market.

Food Synergy
Consumer Trends

consumer trends

In order to have a competitive product, we understand keeping up to date with consumer trends is important by emerging new ingredients and developing the next generation product.  

So, we develop products referring to consumer trends data, with fresh innovations and align with the dominant value of your company: clean label, sustainable and functional foods. 

Global Cuisine Consulting makes sure we meet your consumer’s needs and their interests. We are unlocking the next opportunities in the market.