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Step 1 – Discovery

Step 2 – Research

Step 3 – Product Development, Recommendations and Review

Step 4 – Stage 2 Development and Finalization

Step 5 – Finalization

The discovery step is where I learn about you and come to understand your needs. 


I want to hear your story. The story behind your product. I seek to understand your “why” and truly understand what you want to accomplish. Whether that is bringing your grandmother’s recipe to the world or finding the next profitable product extension for your brand.


I also want to understand your project parameters. What is your goal? What does success look like to you?

Once I have a clear understanding of your goals and priorities, I go to work on the research.


I look at consumer insights, market relevance, and marketing opportunities that you may not have even thought of. I’m looking to answer questions like:

  • How big is the market?

  • What makes sense for your target audience?

  • What’s already been done?

  • What and who are the competitors?


My goal is to uncover what is possible and what is plausible. 

Once the research is complete, I’ll do my testing and development. Prototypes will be provided for product sampling. I’ll find what I believe to be your best options to achieve your goals. I will present to you my research findings and analysis along with:
•    Prototype testing and tasing
•    Product recipes and formulas

Armed with your feedback from our discussions in Step 3 we’ll enter into a second round of sampling and work until the product meets your criteria for taste and cost

I will deliver you the final formula and, when applicable, I will also connect you with partners who can help you bring your product successfully to production, including ingredient suppliers and co-packers. You will receive:
•    Final formulations
•    Estimated food costs
•    Recommended suppliers

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