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About Chef Junnie


Food Product Development Consultant Chef Junnie Lai

My Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Growing up my parents emphasized in the quality and deliciousness of food.  My mom was especially attentive to the belief that food can heal. I truly believe we are what we eat.


Food is one of the most important parts of our daily lives. My mom taught me how to cook, emphasizing food can heal using fresh ingredients, herbals, and foodpairing based on their functional elements for healing purposes. This is my root and my passion, of loving delicious food,  and embracing the fact that food can heal.


Chef Junnie Lai is an internationally recognized innovative market research chef, product developer, teacher, and food product development consultant. Her expertise spans International Cuisine, Asian Cuisine, Southeast Asian Cuisine and Chinese Recipe Development.


With 20 years’ experience in Research & Development, Junnie has led many projects and excels in innovative prototyping, recipe development, commercializing products, and product launches in the market.

Operations and supply chain specialist skilled in marketing businesses ranging from small companies to billion-dollar corporations.


Polished and multilingual, with a proven history of anticipating market trends, increasing sales, and optimizing cost efficiencies.

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Chef Junnie International Cuisine R&D
Chef Junnie International Cuisine

My Why

I became a research chef while pursuing my PhD. in Natural Medicine, with a focus on developing food that is not only delicious, but using current food technology and functional elements to create next generation products.


My passion is not only to develop food products with purpose, but also to focus on consumer needs, the trends in the market, and filling the market gap to make your products unique and highly saleable, while keeping communities in mind.


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My Clients

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